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These images are the property of Historical Xperiences Inc., and are available to media, travel trade and meeting planners for use in materials to promote Storyeum. These images may not be used for any merchandising or retailing purpose. Credit image to Storyeum/Historical Xperiences Inc.

682 x 1024 | 73K
Ancient Trails - Takaya prepares physically and spiritually to carve a canoe.

682 x 1024 | 63K
First Peoples - Slonite in the "big house" awaits her naming ceremony.

682 x 1024 | 55K
New Arrivals - Captain James Cook and a deck hand search for the Northwest Passage.

1024 x 682 | 45K
New Arrivals - Captain James Cook - Adventurer, Explorer, Master and Commander.

1024 x 682 | 67K
Gold Fever - After sixteen years of searching, Billy Barker cries "Gold!"

1024 x 682 | 63K
Gold Fever - Florence Wilson arrives in Barkerville off of a bride ship.

1024 x 682 | 60K
Confederation - Mrs. Keefer nurses Sun, a Chinese railway worker, back to health.

1024 x 682 | 45K
Confederation - Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada's first Prime Minister, aboard a steam engine.

1024 x 682 | 54K
Building a Nation - Buddy works hard to bag, box, can and ship B.C.'s resources.

1024 x 682 | 115K
Marquee - The Storyeum exterior.

682 x 1024 | 67K
Marquee - The Storyeum exterior.

1024 x 682 | 61K
Gastown Merchants - Storyeum's unique gift and souvenir shop.

1024 x 682 | 43K
Photo Wall - A wall of archival photos in the Storyeum lobby.

1024 x 585 | 38K
Water Street Lobby- Storyeum guests sit in the Water Street Lobby.

1024 x 661 | 44K
Lift - Guests enter the passenger lift in the lobby, the beginning of the Storyeum show.

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